Friday, September 19, 2008

Mummy's on diet.....

Ever since I have give birth, my weight is keep increasing until its really unacceptable. Once ppl has become fat, the look obviously will become older as well. Thus, other people has never expected that I am only 23 years old :-(. My parents has always complaining that I have an aunty body in young age. So I have given myself a duration, end of this year or maybe b4 next year's cny, i must surprise the relatives with my new image(at least back to how i look before i get married).

Actually I have started my diet plan one month ago, and the result is quite surprising. I manage to lost 4kgs in one month! During the 1st week of my diet, I've already lost 3kgs. Wanna know my secret? Below is my dieting meal for the last whole month :

早餐 :茶/咖啡(无糖),一粒grapefruit,2片toast,2茶匙花生酱
午餐 :茶/咖啡(无糖), 4oz tuna in water, 1片toast
晚餐 :1 slice of cold meat(turkey/chicken),一条长豆,4oz beetroot,4oz vanilla ice cream,1粒小苹果

早餐 :茶/咖啡(无糖),1粒蛋(boiled/pouch),1片toast,半个香蕉
午餐 :茶/咖啡(无糖),4oz of cottage cheese(light),5 片Ritz biscuit
晚餐 :2条鸡肉香肠,4oz 菜花,2oz 胡萝卜,半条香蕉,4oz of vanilla icecream

早餐 :茶/咖啡(无糖),1粒蛋(boiled/pouch),1片toast
午餐 :茶/咖啡(无糖),1 slice of cheddar cheese,5 片Ritz biscuit,1粒小苹果
晚餐 :4oz of tuna in water,4oz beetroot,4oz 菜花,半片蜜瓜(melon),4oz of vanilla ice cream

These meals need to be follow exactly the same and must be taken continuously until Saturday, so Sunday is my "holiday" hoho. After taking one month of my diet meal, I've decided to give it a break, and now is the time to lose weight by having exercise. I have taken yoga and aerobic class, and plan to choose one day to jog. However, until now I'm still too lazy to wake up in the early morning :-P.

Today is the 5th day of the 2nd month, glad to see the weight is dropping slowly :D. Hope the result for the 2nd month will be even better than the previous.

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